Key Features

  • Analytics Built on Business Intelligence
  • Highly Configurable Workflow, Database, User Interface, and Reports
  • Responsive User Interface for all Devices with Native Mobile App and Microsoft Outlook
  • MASYC Integrations to Oracle's Sales, Marketing Cloud, and EnterpriseOne

What is Oracle Sales Cloud for HomeBuilders?

Oracle Sales Cloud for HomeBuilders provides the industry an ability to effectively measure and manage their sales pipeline. Sales and Marketing organizations benefit from a lead qualifying process tailored to selling homes. Spend more time with qualified opportunities, and less time sifting through mountains of leads. This full featured solution includes:

  • HomeBuilder Templates
  • Integrated Marketing Solution
    • Oracle Marketing Cloud with MASYC Integration
  • MASYC Middleware Solution (MMS) Integrations
  • Integrates with your existing Social Properties and Website
  • Key Performance Indicators and Dashboard Reporting Tailored to HomeBuilders delivered across multiple platforms
    • Smart Phone,  Desktop, Tablet
  • Configurable Software as a Service technology requires no programming and is highly configurable and extensible using tools designed for non-programmers
  • Social Web Applets bring your public social assets into one location and offer rich private messaging for your workforce

The MASYC HomeBuilder Template configures Oracle Sales Cloud with industry specificinformation, business processes, and key performance indicators using familiar HomeBuilder terminology.

Download our Product Sheet: Oracle Sales Cloud for HomeBuilders