Are you ready to start your journey as an integral part of Team MASYC?

Our highly selective recruiting process, partnered with our mentoring program, ensures that our unique culture will be maintained and cultivated as we continue to grow. Quality people, quality business solutions, and quality client relationships are at the foundation of our Team MASYC culture and a prime motivator for everything we do.

Team MASYC is comprised of hard-working, dynamic, proactive, and results-driven individuals who truly enjoy their work, which explains their life-long commitment to Team MASYC. If you believe you are a good fit for our diverse work environment, check out our current opportunities below.

Current Opportunities


The MASYC Group, Inc. is well known in our industry for how much it invests in the growth of its employees and offers unmatched professional support and participation to ensure the success of all of our employees. MASYC offers highly competitive salaries with bonuses based on individual and company performance, exceptional benefits, and significant career growth opportunities.

Additional benefits include:

  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Continuous Training
  • Retirement Plans

The MASYC Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

MASYC College

Our commitment to an open and continuous learning environment is executed through a practice we like to call MASYC College. MASYC College is a quarterly event, ranging in duration from two to five days, where each individual team member transfers his/her knowledge on a specific subject to the entire MASYC team. It provides an opportunity for both learning and fun with activities like skiing, cruises, or an indoor skydiving trip.