At MASYC, we embrace being a change agent for success; it is embedded within our Mission Statement. We thoroughly enjoy building symbiotic relationships with our clients and playing a significant part in their success.

As a leading advisor on information technology and business strategy, The MASYC Group, Inc. continues to deliver a significant value proposition for today's companies and their leaders. This value translates through a combination of technical, process-management, time delivery, or budgetary efficiency. By understanding the proper approach to meet each client’s unique requirements, and having the know-how to deal with and resolve critical issues, MASYC has guided many firms as they transform their organization using information technology.

MASYC has applied our projects experience through various disciplines in the Engineering and Construction industries. After years of working with highly experienced leaders in these industries, we applied their approach to construction management to the homebuilding process. Adding homebuilders to our portfolio over twenty years ago, MASYC has since become the established leader in the homebuilder industry in North America.