MASYC has a proven track record in systems integration consulting. It is our deliberate stance to engage only in projects within our selected industries. This focused strategy enables us to consistently design, develop, and deliver excellence in the field. Of course, since no two clients are exactly alike, we also rely on proven methodologies and best practices to determine the path to success.

The MASYC Group, Inc. is driven to the forefront of technology, researching the latest tools and frameworks to offer a full suite of services and options for clients individual needs. Once testing is complete and we are confident in its benefits, we then present the technology, should it apply, as an alternative route clients can decide upon. With this spearheaded approach, we mitigate the risks involved with implementing groundbreaking sciences.

Industry and Business Consulting Experience

Our consultants have deep functional knowledge in a variety of industries including homebuilding, heavy construction, engineering, and real estate management. This experience is not acquired merely via consulting projects; many of our professionals also held management positions in industry. This combination of EnterpriseOne depth of knowledge and industry experience gives our clients tailored solutions that meet their business needs. 

Our unique position and vast experience in the market has become a readily recognizable factor that has accumulated in our attaining the highest level of Oracle Partnership Relationship, Oracle Platinum Partner. With this prestigious relationship comes responsibility - we maintain such recognition through our commitment to Oracle specialization, development, and certification qualifications. In addition to our understanding of EnterpriseOne, we bring strong industry and business knowledge to our clients.