Key Features

  • Developed Exclusively using the EnterpriseOne 9.1 Toolkit
  • Seamless Extension of Oracle's HomeBuilder Management
  • Simplify Pricing and Greatly Reduce Size of Option Master
  • Detailed Margin Analysis Captured and Reported
  • Management of Standard and Product-Based Options
  • Utilization of Rooms and Room Changes, Room Takeoffs
  • Multiple Scenarios and Multiple Versions per Scenario

What is HomeBuilder Sales Solution?

The HomeBuilder Sales Solution (HBSS) is the application module that represents the culmination of MASYC's experience and knowledge of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and the HomeBuilder Industry. Through our intimate understanding of how HomeBuilders acquire and complete sales orders, HBSS (Product Code 44S) was designed and built for Sales Office personnel, Design Center employees, and Corporate users.

HBSS boasts robust sales functionality: the application stores salesperson leads, customer option selection, item pricing and materials cost, standard option packaging on various levels of grouping (community, phase, plan), and the solution is capable of tracking various revenue streams, buyer financing options, and sales incentives - encompassing all the details associated home sales into a single, user-friendly application. The HomeBuilder Sales Solution is a response to the industry's need to store the complex details HomeBuilders require when evaluating new sales opportunities.

HBSS has been built from the ground up and is tightly integrated into the back-end architecture of EnterpriseOne. This allows the software to utilize the many benefits of EnterpriseOne, such as QBE fields, Visual Assists, and memory management. The design of HBSS has also been refined to look like a core EnterpriseOne application, so users will not have to jump from application to application.

Download our Product Sheet for HomeBuilder Sales Solution