Key Features

  • Tight integration of Warranty Information to HomeBuilder Management and the HomeBuilder Sales Solution
  • View options, preferences, and contractors with the click of a button
  • Track Back Charges even to out-of-business subcontractors
  • Review the entire History of a house within a single tool
  • Access Warranty Information from a Central Workbench
  • Share Common Information between applications

Warranty Management

When a homebuyer purchases a new house from a homebuilder, just like many retail products, the house comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Of course, the warranty contract terms and length will vary from homebuilder to homebuilder, but the idea is the same: a warranty on a house is a period of time in which the builder will replace or repair items that are causing unforeseen problems.

In EnterpriseOne, we have created a powerform (an application page that displays many applications at the same time) for Warranty Management that users can navigate from left-to-right, top-to-bottom to monitor, change and create a Warranty Case, which can lead to a Work Order. The Work Order can then lead to a Purchase Order, should material need to be purchased (such as a new door handle). Backcharges are also a feature built into this application. A typical backcharge is a contractor assessing a backcharge fee to a subcontractor (or supplier) for work that is deemed the responsibility of the subcontractor. This fee is taken out of future payments the contractor would normally pay the supplier.

This powerform may initially look complicated, but end users will tell you that upon using this application, processing customer cases, creation of Work Orders, organization of data, etc. becomes intuitive after a quick training session.

Download our Product Sheet for Warranty Management