Key Features

  • Web Service Based
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Pre-Defined Transitions
  • SOA Based Orchestrations
  • EnterpriseOne based Event Triggers
  • Integration Workbench
  • Automated, Transparent Service
  • Instant Real-Time Transactions
  • Utilizes EnterpriseOne Security
  • Transaction Based Error Handling, Recovery, & Processing

Supported Systems

  • BDX
  • Foundation
  • Hyphen Solution
  • JDE Warranty 360
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Web Sites

Due to the flexible nature of the MMS architecture, new systems can be easily integrated with EnterpriseOne to meet the needs of our clients.

What is MASYC Middleware Solution?

The MASYC Middleware Solution addresses the challenge of integrating third party solutions with EnterpriseOne.  This solution is:

  • Designed with current technology (Java/XML/SOA)
  • Managed in EnterpriseOne
  • A Scalable, light-weight integration
  • Has a robust solution for error handling & recovery

MASYC Middleware Solution was designed as a tightly integrated solution for EnterpriseOne. The architecture is based on a loosely coupled integration that is business process driven. This integration provides visibility for management of transactions. As a real time integration, accommodating bi-directional creation, modification, or deletion of data between third party systems and EnterpriseOne. Once configured, integration is automated.  No sub-processes need to be started manually, such as Business Functions or Universal Batch Engine (UBE) reports.

The MASYC Middleware Solution provides an easy to use Workbench which manages scheduling, services, events and transactions. The Workbench is implemented using the EnterpriseOne toolset and has the same look and feel like other EnterpriseOne applications. Schedules for different services can easily be changed depending on their usages. Service endpoints can be added, removed or deactivated on the fly. Integration events generated from within EnterpriseOne for different interfaces are viewable in a clear and concise way. Transactions are captured and presented in a user-friendly manner in order to show health of the system, and the Workbench has extensive error recovery features.

Download our Product Sheet for MASYC Middleware Solution