Although we go to extraordinary measures in cross-training our consultants, at MASYC we are apprehensive and take a personal responsibility to sharpen our primary skill sets. These core specializations can be primarily categorized in four groupings:

Applications Development
The highlighted abilities of a consultant in this role are to develop software that effectively translates business requirements and processes as determined in Discovery or through requests from our functional consultants into EnterpriseOne enhancements, stand-alone modules, or other various applications. At MASYC, we implement software development methodologies that succeed in devlivering powerful, cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to a client's specific tasks.

Configurable Network Computing
A CNC professional has responsibilities that include installation, upgrades, and updates to the system architecture, concerning both hardware and software. These experts also focus on systems performance, administration, security, data backup, and sofware package builds and deployment. Our CNC consultants have the experience and dedication to ensure clients their system configuration is stable, secure, and performing optimally.

Functional Business Analyst
Our functional consultants are subject matter experts that have a keen understanding of the industries and business processes of clients. They channel this knowledge with their proficiency in JDEdwards EnterpriseOne to indentify, understand, and address the needs of clients. At The MASYC Group, Inc., our functional team members often lead client workshops, sharing best practices and training power users in the various EnterpriseOne modules, such as: Construction, Financial, Fixed Assets, Home Care/Warranty, Purchasing, Real Estate, and HomeBuilder.

Project Management
Project managers are tasked with the responsibility to successfully plan, execute, and monitor a project's progress until its life-cycle completion. These consultants have early-stage interface with clients to determine and define the risk, scope, resources, and budget involved with a specific project. Our project managers are held accountable for any issues that may arise during the course of a project. Additionally, these professionals ensure that the level of quality is up to MASYC standards and is delivered on-time, as expected.