Throughout MASYC's existence, we have prospered by tackling ambitious and crucial assignments. These significant tasks have demanded focused dedication and have resulted in innovative and unique solutions. The success in resolving these formidable issues has enabled us to grow our corporate culture in the direction of being a highly adaptive, cutting-edge consulting firm with consultants that perform hands-on development.

In addition, we remain proactive in keeping our ear to the "beat of business." As technology advances and industries' needs morph to suit new capital environments in which to operate and conduct their business, so too has MASYC adapted to the changing climate. However, we have not been content in allowing technology to dictate our direction; instead, we have taken a proactive approach into forecasting industries' needs. MASYC's passion for development is evident through its products and services that are presented to clients. These offerings can be broken down into the following categories:

  • EnterpriseOne
  • Fusion Middleware
  • Workflow
  • CRM On Demand
  • CNC Prowess

Although these offering span a great deal of MASYC's technical development, they stand more as testaments to our intimacy with clients and our ability to create customized solutions. The MASYC Group, Inc. is always researching and developing with the latest tools in order to provide resolution to the most challenging issues.