Property Management (Real Estate Management)

The EnterpriseOne Real Estate Management solution is a comprehensive, market-driven Web-based application designed to enhance performance portfolios and commercial real estate assets.

We work with our clients to take advantage of this scalable solution to integrate virtually all of the information our clients have about their properties, allowing them to streamline their financial and operations processes. We work with our clients to optimize leasing management, finance and portfolio management, construction management, procurement, workforce management, and field service and facilities management, and to effectively integrate this module with other EnterpriseOne applications.

Our Experience

We keep ourselves actively involved in the development and testing of the JD Edwards Property Management solution. We invested over 150 hours working directly with the JD Edwards Property Management development team as a part of the Denver Testing Program (DTP), a group of high profile customers and business partners that developed and tested the OneWorld Xe software release. This participation has provided MASYC with an intimate knowledge about how the module works, a core reason our clients experience successful implementations.