The MASYC Group, Inc. engages clients on a variety of projects and platforms. Our expertise in management and systems consulting is highly scalable - it has been leveraged by both large and small market companies. Staying true to our Mission Statement, MASYC's focus is on the highest caliber, most vital services and technologies that are applicable to a client.

Whether your firm already utilizes an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, or is currently evaluating the benefits of having one, MASYC understands and welcomes any questions or concerns you may have regarding such an integral piece of technology. ERP systems encompass such a large portion of a company's IT infrastructure that it is crucial that clients have a full understanding of what exactly is involved - as a software tool and how the implementation is actually conducted. Our 3D Methodology is a successful framework that we explain and guide clients through prior to any contract.

Our team of specialists have broad industry experiences that are leveraged when consulting potential clients. With members having a diverse set of backgrounds including: finance, real estate, business, and technology, Team MASYC draws upon this wealth of knowledge when building client solutions.