HomeBuilder Management Solution
The MASYC Group, Inc. designed and developed the EnterpriseOne Solutions for HomeBuilder Management Solution, which was released by JD Edwards in December of 2002. This provides us with unique and unparalleled technical understanding about this module. Combining this technical understanding with our industry experience and regional knowledge has formed us into the premier EnterpriseOne solution provider for the HomeBuilder industry.

Industry Experience
Knowledge about differences in regional home building practices are key to developing effective HomeBuilder Management solutions. Our consultants have successfully completed implementations in California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and North and South Carolina.

Proven Architecture
The MASYC Group's job cost design structure has been used successfully by a wide range of home builders ranging in size from 150 to 30,000 homes per year. Our structure provides solutions for: contract management, material procurement, payment processing, construction scheduling, and profitability analysis. This includes detailed reporting at the house, subdivision, area, region, and division level, automated allocation of costs from major jobs and off-sites to the lot level, ensuring accurate profitability information.