The MASYC Group, Inc. was founded in 1987 with an exclusive focus on providing implementation services to the JD Edwards marketplace. While our market focus has been in the Western and Central regions of the U.S., we have worked with clients at their operations throughout North America and overseas, including Singapore, Madrid and London.

The MASYC Group, Inc. is privileged to have been one of the founding members of the JD Edwards Business Partner program, in the early 1990's. We were also the first business partner of the JD Edwards National Project and Service Industry Business Unit. In this capacity, we were twice named this vertical’s Business Partner of the Year. We are now an Oracle business partner.

JD Edwards Development organization, based in Denver, has subcontracted over 25,000 man-hours of MASYC developers’ time in the design and development of several systems, including Service & Warranty, Change Management, Service & Contract Billing, and the design and development of the entire solution for HomeBuilder Management. In 1996 MASYC was also involved in the first non-AS/400 implementation of OneWorld. In 2000, The MASYC Group participated in eleven man-weeks of alpha testing of OneWorld Xe (Property Management, Contract Billing and Configurable Network Computing applications).

The MASYC Group, Inc. designed and developed the new EnterpriseOne Solutions for HomeBuilder Management, which was released by JD Edwards in December of 2002. This was the first externally developed software to be released as part of the standard JD Edwards product (OneWorld). In 2005, the product was given the honor of “2004 TecHome Builder High Impact Product of the Year" award.

The MASYC Group is committed to continuing to participate in programs designed to benefit clients and to be an active Oracle EnterpriseOne partner.